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Eyes open coaching Tauranga — Coaching for a better life

Eyes Open Coaching is owned and managed by highly skilled life coach Sonya Nicol and based in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Providing personalized performance life coaching services for individuals, Sonya guides clients to reach their maximum potential in whatever aspect of their lives it’s needed.


What does Eyes Open life Coaching do?

Eyes Open Coaching partnerships can help you to successfully transform any area of your life. People often feel challenged when trying to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be in their personal relationships, finances, career and business. Sonya will inspire, motivate and guide you to use your existing strengths and develop new perspectives or to transform your current perspective. It’s a partnership. Sonya will listen and support the learning process, using her expertise and knowledge, posing enquiring questions and uncovering possibilities for potential change. A professional coach is there to design actionable, progressive strategies that enable you to find your own solutions. This looks different for each uniquely different individual. Sonya can help you find your way. Contact Sonya for a confidential chat.

Life coaching vision

To inspire, teach & empower all people to believe the impossible is possible.

Why Sonya?

Sonya’s attentiveness, unwavering belief in your capacity for change, and her pragmaticism sets her apart. Her approach is no airy-fairy meander down memory-lane.   With her sassy and energetic personality, she invigorates and inspires her clients to take themselves from where they are at right now, to miraculous places they thought they’d never be able to get to.


Sonya is an amazing coach with a warmth and understanding that helped me with some decisions I was needing to make around my career directions. I urge anyone who wants to clarify and frame their dreams and desires to give her a call and sign up to the coaching that she offers.

Sarah (Tauranga) 2018

Love working with Sonya for coaching. She has a no nonsense approach and I look forward to our sessions. She has helped me to reach my goals by keeping me accountable and I’ve learnt so many tips and tricks to keep me balanced when life happens. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Tanya (Sydney) 2018

Sonya is that person you always feel so thankful to have met. Her warmth and compassion go hand in hand with her pragmatic and realistic methods of coaching, making her someone I would happily recommend to others.

Mel (Tauranga)2017