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Sonya is a dedicated coach who aims to facilitate any individual challenges either on a personal or business level.  I have had the privilege to know Sonya personally and professionally and she is inspirational, approachable and coaching comes natural to her.  Sonya has been encouraging and focused in helping me achieve lifelong goals and deal with issues on all levels that can hold anyone back.  As human beings we spend so much time focusing on the past and future, Sonya helps you regain your essence as a human being and be present to the ‘now’ and focus on your potential.  She is not afraid to go there (where ever there might be) and call you to task if it’s required.  She is truly there 24 hours a day if you need her.


As a former sceptic of coaching, believing this was not for the everyday person, instead, only for people that have significant trauma’s to their life or those that are lost and require a coach. I can honestly say that if we all had a coach to simply encourage and guide us, to unlock our true potential, the human race would be unrecognisable.  I would have no hesitation to recommend Sonya as a coach to anyone and tell them it’s not for the faint hearted but the rewards are transforming if you just dare to share your inner thoughts and make a choice to change.

Sophronia Kear April 2011

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