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I have just finished a coaching partnership with Sonya (January 2012) and really feel I am in a better space in my head than I was before I started.

I am middle aged, have three kids, a husband and also happen to have the label of MS which has bothered me for 20 years. It has got to the point of me being in a wheelchair most of the time.

I have, since doing the coaching, a greater understanding of how I manage (or not manage) my health, my relationship with myself, the thoughts I feed myself and how I relate to my significant other. We were heading for the big spilt but now I see things differently, act differently and wow guess what happened! It, the relationship has improved to the point of enjoying each other’s company! Talking! Doing things together etc etc! That came from turning things around in my head and not reacting like I used to. That would have to be the biggest change — which has been fantastic!

The other transformation is just ‘me’. My own thoughts about the changes my body has been going through and I feel much more in control, relaxed, not fearful etc and so enjoy each day so much better. Thank you Sonya it was well worth doing!

Rosemary Saunders – completed Feb 2012

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