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About Eyesopen Coaching

Eyes Open Coaching was established in 2009. Initially operating from her Bethlehem base, Sonya moved the business to the Avenues in 2017 to provide an easily accessible, welcoming and safe place for clients to meet with her. The provision of coaching services for individuals in Tauranga who are looking for partnership to take their lives to the next level is the primary focus of Sonya’s practice. However she has successfully coached clients by Skype, Facetime and phone all over New Zealand and Australia. Contact Sonya for a confidential chat.


Meet Sonya Nicol

Sonya has a substantial background in leadership in the hospitality, sales and management sectors, along with involvement in the voluntary and not-for-profit arenas. In the past Sonya has worked with and successfully managed diverse teams of people, achieving results and ensuring positive outcomes for those she has worked with. Sonya has drawn the best out of all individuals personally and professionally, while reaching targets and growing businesses. She has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge in managing life’s dynamics and what it is to be human. Her expertise is people. Sonya is passionate and fun loving with a determined edge and through coaching Sonya thrives on assisting people to reach their full potential. She recognises that most people have already experienced a high level of achievement – but they still desire more from their personal and professional life. Some clients express that although life is good, there is something missing. They feel that there’s unlived potential for them, yet to be explored. Sonya is an accomplished coach who brings a combination of straight talk, connection and insight to partner her clients to open their eyes and minds to a world of new possibilities and to sustain transformation in any area of their lives. The ability to see and understand the ‘what’s important’ is a strength that Sonya has carried with her throughout her life. Sonya’s theory on success is quite simple: Live a life you love and love the life you live. Why? Because it’s the only one you’ve got! Sonya’s clear vision is to show you that you can have it all and the cherry on top!


How does Sonya’s coaching look?

Sonya’s coaching is supported by an awareness-based ethos. She takes her clients on their individual journey based on what they want to achieve. Initially, they together identify and formulate the goals and develop an appropriate plan to guide the way forward. Many of Sonya’s clients are ready to take the ‘next step’ and simply need the partnership with her to initiate the journey. Sonya’s coaching is intuitive, insightful, and holistic.


Who uses Eyesopen coaching?

Sonya’s clients include business owners, managers, career changers, coaches, men, women, single, married, and of all ages and walks of life. She has successfully coached a wide range of relationship, professional, vocational and self-development clients. Sonya can partner and support you to open your eyes, to gain clarity and to have it all, should you wish to choose it.


Would you benefit from working with a Coach?

If you are wanting to make changes big or small, take the time to talk over a coffee. Sonya provides “No Obligation” one hour free consultations.