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To my coach my friend.

After doing coaching with you for three months I have learnt many things.

That my life has choices and I make those choices and I live out those choices.

That my reactions come from default side of me that if unchecked can create a complicated life.

That peoples thoughts and opinions of me do not define me I can choose to accept them or let it go.

I have learned that I can acknowledge the good things about me & what I do well without it seeming pretentious, and that this is a good practice to have.

I could go on for ages.  But what I valued and loved was your honestly,  humor,  no nonsense attitude and compassionate nature that made this journey for me all the more easier.

I think you’re a wonderful,  strong,  caring, accepting, generous,  hilarious woman whom I have had the privilege to be coached by.

Thanks so much xx

Bergen — Sept 2015

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