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Hi my name is Karen and Sonya was recommended to me by a friend that I should see her as a Life Coach. How do you know if you need a Life coach? Actually I don’t think anyone knows that. But I trusted my friend and thought what harm it would do.

I was unsure what a Life coach was about. My initial catch up was — I liked this lady as a person – she has life experiences herself. In other words she “gets it”. Her positiveness is contagious, sense of humour is refreshing, direct and to the point nature is uplifting, her compassion and sympathy is real, her thought provoking techniques are stimulating and her ability to help you realise that any life baggage you carry needs to be dealt with, accepted and move on. So Yes Sonya can be direct, ha you can even get a telling off (because you deserved it) then all is forgiven. But the point is — she is not afraid to tell you how it is. I needed someone like that. I needed someone to make me sit up and realise that I needed to re-invent how I dealt with the disappointments of life, what to ask myself when making decisions ( personal or work related ) and the confidence to say “No” (personal or work related) And above all to be kind to myself.

So I have my Tool kit so to speak. Given to me by Sonya but not handed to me. I had to do the homework – (it’s not all about sitting down and chatting). There is work to be done. A commitment to adhere to. She makes you look at life experiences in different perspective – to think about your ambitions, goals, your weaknesses – your strengths and the tools to deal with your low moments and your tough moments and what makes you happy. After all this is what life is about?

Life is too short. Learn to embrace it.
Thank you Sonya.

From a client who is much calmer in her approach to life, happier, more confident and my Eyes are now Wide Open these days.

And to think I thought I didn’t need to see a Life Coach. I think everyone needs a life coach once and a while.

Karen — Tauranga

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