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The nuts and bolts of Sonya’s life coaching services

Sonya believes that great coaching should look and feel very much the same regardless of the profession, or professional status, of the client. Why? Because she coaches to the human essence, the holistic being of the person, rather than their status in the world.

Sonya’s coaching primarily addresses cause, not symptom, thereby achieving sustainable results.

Eyes Open Coaching offers a free, no obligation, one-hour consultation.  This is an opportunity for you to get a feel for what to expect.

What are some of the options Eyesopen Coaching offer?

  • A one-on-one committed coaching partnership for 12 weeks
  • 12 one-hour weekly meetings via Skype, phone or in person
  • 24/7 support throughout the coaching partnership
  • Personalised follow-up support and reviews
  • Team Coaching and Corporate Workshops
  • Tailored Coaching programmes to suit

What might I discover as an Eyesopen coaching client?

  • Self-motivation and inspiration
  • Uncovering of limiting beliefs and fears
  • Development of self-esteem, self-worth,
  • An understanding of why I am the way I am
  • Ways to choose the life I want
  • A silencing of the nasty inner critic voice
  • Goal setting
  • A path to better relationships (personal and professional)
  • Identifying and addressing problems with marriage, children or parents
  • Professional life problems with staff issues, customer relations, colleagues
  • My Vision, Mission, Purpose and Core Values
  • A supportive partnership as I try something new
  • The ability to sustainably change and transform any area of my life
  • Gain clarity around areas in my life that are clouded
  • Discover my passion and work out what I want for the rest of my life
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