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I have just finished the 12 week personal development course with Sonja from ‘Eyes Open Coaching’.  When I first started I wanted to improve my self-talk which is my harshest critic, improve my confidence, be happier and improve my work-life balance to spend more time with my wife and two young kids.  Throughout the course I learnt how I react to different situations and most importantly what, I personally, make it mean and therefore what it has been costing me.  I am far more confident in my shoes than before, I want to be clear ‘confident’ not arrogant, and more positive.    I feel opportunities have opened up to me since Sonja opened my eyes that have been sitting there available for probably years!  Best advice I can offer is sit down for a chat with Sonja, she checks out you as much as you do her for how this relationship can progress to a better, happier you.

Dr Nick (Veterinary Surgeon, Director and proud geek) — May 2016

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