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Before starting my coaching relationship with Sonya in October 2009, I did have some level of awareness, through personal development, study and training. What I felt was needed was accountability, to stay focused, to stay out of the same cycle and to learn about the meaning I was adding to things and how to let go?

I have accomplished so much through coaching, some examples are:
I now truly know my purpose, what my vision for life is, how I will work on my mission and out of my identified core values that I am committed to doing so.
Tolerations, fears and beliefs — I learnt where they come from. By taking away all the meaning I was giving to any situation, has been a huge enlightenment for me.
The most important tool I have been gifted is learning “moment by moment by moment CHOICE”!

I thought I was a together, got it sorted chick. The experience I received through the coaching partnership with Sonya was an amazing freeing experience. To break through the “Inner Critic”, forgive, nurture, have compassion and love myself, in turn has enabled me to truly see people in their “GREATNESS”I now have compassion for self and others and this allows me to experience love and freedom.

Sonya saw my greatness. She encourages me to “go into the dark to see the light” – to explore my fears. Sonya challenged my commitment to keep me true to self, which is what I asked for help with. As this is my journey, my choice, with Sonya’s tools, knowledge and greatness we achieved what I set out to do. I learnt so much more along the way to now have the ability to provide greatness in all areas of my life, enriching myself and those who I’m with and yet to meet.
Watch this Space……….
L Powell — December 2009

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